Asset Management

Looking for a maintenance and service option that works? Whether it is sustainable asset management and lifecycle planning or certification and compliance, our team of specialists provide the advice and skills to meet your needs.

We ensure an in-depth understanding of the nuances and criticality of each of your detection systems, allowing us to service your equipment and advise you on the performance of your systems. Noventis provides excellent support for those times when unforeseen, emergency circumstances occur. Our flexible Routine Maintenance Plan is designed for the complete lifecycle of your systems, contact us for available options.


  • Test and Calibration
  • Condition Reporting
  • Cost Benefit Lifecycle Assessments
  • Compliance Advice of your System


The schedule for testing and calibration can vary. Therefore, it is always best to follow manufacturing guidelines. A typical gas sensor calibration schedule for a fixed gas detection system could be every three, six or twelve months. The sensors should be tested at least once a year and will depend on the robustness of the system. It is generally good practice to check the sensor quite closely for the first 30 days after installation to check if it is adapting to its environment.