The Bieler + Lang Gasmonitor for Carparks

The Gasmonitor CO-300 + NO2-300 detectors are designed to measure the concentration of carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide in underground carparks. The Gasmonitor features a CAN bus only interface for low-cost installation. Both models use an electrochemical measuring cell to measure gas concentrations.

The Bieler + Lang Gasmonitor for carparks is easy to install and cost effective. No doubt the perfect solution for all your car park monitoring applications. The unit comes in an ABS enclosure and allows for one man calibration using an optional calibrator.


  • Carbon monoxide detector (0-150 or 300 ppm)
  • Carbon Dioxide detector (0-20 ppm
  • CAN Bus Output Signal only
  • One-man Calibration
  • For applications in safe areas only
  • TUV Tested and Approved

Typical Applications

  • Carparks Only