The GMC 8022E is a Dual Channel Gas Detection Controller Card

Our robust and reliable GMC-8022E Dual Channel Gas Detection Controller Card allows you to monitor a range of Toxic and/or Flammable gas detectors, Flame Detectors and Smoke/Heat Detectors, simply and easily. The GMC 8022 E controller is a gas measuring computer designed to be installed in a 19" rack housing.

The unit has allowance for two meauring channels, two alarm relays, one fault relay, audible alarm output and additional analogue 4-20mA output. It also allows for testing the alarms without the nedd for calibration gas. To prevent false alarm when calibrating the connected sensor probes, the alarm trigger of the analysis unit can be suppressed using a special menu. Cutting short; the Bieler + Lang GMC-8022E Dual Channel gas detection controller is a compact but powerful control system that combines simple operation with an extensive array of input and output functions.


  • Two Channel Gas Detection Controller
  • Two Alarm Thresholds
  • Two Alarm Relays, one Sounder Relay and one Fault Relay
  • Two Analogue 4-20mA outputs
  • Large Segment Display
  • Ideal for Installation in Switching Box or Control Cabinet
  • Alarm testing without need for test gas

Typical Applications

  • Measuring and Displaying Gas Concentrations
  • Monitoring and Dangerous Gas Signaling
  • Larger Gas Detection Control Systems