The Bieler & Lang GMC Ecoline System

The GMC Ecoline System is a compact gas warning system for private and public buildings. It conforms to the current European standard for protection against combustible gases in domestic premises (DIN EN 50194).

It can be used in public buildings such as schools, care homes and kindergartens and is also suitable for private homes and small business premises. The GMC Ecoline System is designed to provide reliable detection of natural gas and LPG/butane. Up to 4 hazard zones can be monitored. In the event of an alarm, the central control unit triggers the safety responses through the relay outputs and closes a solenoid valve in the gas supply line. The integrated buzzer provides an audible alarm.


  • Detection of Methane, Propane, Butane
  • Detection via Pellistor gas sensor
  • Linear Output Signal (4-20 mA)
  • One-man Calibration
  • For applications in safe areas only
  • TUV Tested and Approved

Typical Applications

  • Public Buildings such as Schools, Hospitals, Kindergartens
  • Nursing Homes as well as smaller Business Buildings
  • Food and Beverage Applications
  • Medical and Hospitals
  • HVAC and Boiler Rooms