The Bionics STX-NRE Series Gas Detectors

The STX-NR-E/D Smart Gas Transmitter is a completely self-contained gas detection unit suitable for a wide range of hazardous gases. The unit consists of a sensitive and specific electrochemical gas sensor and combination transmitter with an extensive signal output capability. As a result, this fully integrated unit may be used as a stand-alone gas detector as well as a remote gas sensor in a centralised life-safety surveillance system.

The unit features user-programmable dual alarms levels, built-in alarm relays, 4-20mA output as well as a local digital display and visual alarm indicators. Equally important, it utilizes a renewable type sensor that requires replacing membrane and electrolyte twice per year and will last up to 3 to 5 years under normal operating conditions.

Models Available

  • STX-PA - Detector with Remote Sensor Option
  • STX-NRE - Detector with Disposable Sensor
  • STX-NRD - Detector with Re-usable Sensor
  • STX-RS - Detector with ModBus Output Option


  • Controller and Sensor in one
  • Oxygen or Toxic Gases
  • Digital Display
  • Internal Relays and 4-20mA Output
  • Various Gases and Sensors
  • One Man Calibration
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Wall or panel mount

Available Gases

Model Gas Range
GS-100DX CL2 0-1.5 ppm
GS-260DY H2S 0-30 ppm
GS-360DY HCN 0-6 ppm
GS-480DY HCL 0-6 ppm
GS-780DY HF 0-9 ppm
GS-900DX Br2, I2 0-3 ppm
GS-1401DX F2 0-3 ppm
GS-1551DY H2 0-4000 ppm
GS-1680DY CH3COOH 0-30 ppm
GS1750DY NO2 0-9 ppm
GS-2460DY NH3 0-75 ppm


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