The Bionics TX-1100-FK Oxygen Detector

Bionics Instrument is famous for the innovations it introduces in its gas monitoring systems. One of their best known products is the TX-1100FK Oxygen deficiency detector. Where standard Oxygen sensors require replacement every 18-24 month, the Bionics TX-1100FK can last for approx 5 years in normal operation conditions.

There is no need for calibration or sensor replacement until the sensor reaches end of its life span. That makes them unsurpassed in cost-effectiveness. In the long run, customers are better off with Bionics Instrument gas detectors - and the sound service and support that come with them. The transmitter is equipped with zero and span adjustments accessible, allowing one-man calibration without communication with control room personnel.


  • No Maintenance Zirconium Cell
  • Measuring Oxygen 0-25%
  • No calibration required
  • No drift to Environmental or Temperature Changes
  • 5 + year Sensor life
  • Local Display
  • 4~20mA Analogue Output


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