The Bionics TX-3350EXP-E-D Gas Detector

The Bionics TX-3350EXP-E-D Gas Detector is a completely self-contained gas detection unit suitable for a wide range of hazardous gases. The unit is enclosed in an explosion proof housing and installed together with the flame arrestor. Therefore, the entire unit is explosion proof, to be used in hazardous area.

The unit consists of a sensitive and specific electrochemical gas sensor and combined transmitter with a standard 4-20mA output. Since the sensors are refreshed periodically by replacing the electrolyte and membranes, the running cost is kept low compared to sensors which require frequent replacement. On some sites, Bionics Instrument gas detectors still work flawlessly after ten years of operation. That makes them unsurpassed in cost-effectiveness.

When used in conjunction with the Bionics RX-1G or MDS-8 Controller, system operation is almost totally self-supervised and provides quick and easy fault identification and notification. Customers are better off with Bionics Instrument gas detectors - and the sound service and support that come with them. Note that since the unit does not support IECex approval, the unit can only be used for non-hazardous areas in Australia.

Models Available

  • TX-3350EXP-E-D - Detector with Diffusion Sensor
  • SH-1007EXW-GT - Detector with Suction Sensor


  • Not approved under IECex (Australia)
  • NEMA 4X (IP65) enclosure
  • Corrosive gas monitoring transmitter
  • Digital Display
  • Standard 4-20mA Output
  • Various Gases and Sensors
  • One Man Calibration
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Wall or panel mount

Available Sensors for Instrument

  • Model GS-160DP - Chlorine 0-1.5 ppm
  • Model GS-260DP - Hydrogen Sulphide 0-30 ppm
  • Model GS-360DP - Hydrogen Cyanide 0-30 ppm
  • Model GS-480DP - Hydrogen Chloride 0-6 ppm
  • Model GS-660DP - COCl2 0-5 ppm
  • Model GS-780DP - Hydrogen Fluoride 0-9 ppm
  • Model GS-960DP - Bromide 0-3 ppm
  • Model GS-1461DP - Fluoride 0-3 ppm
  • Model GS-1551DP - Hydrogen 0 - 4000 ppm
  • Model GS-1680DP - Acetic acid 0-30 ppm
  • Model GS-1750DP - Nitrogen Dioxide 0-9 ppm
  • Model GS-2460DP - Ammonia 0-75 ppm
  • Model GS-3180DP - General Acid 0-3 ppm
  • Model GS-3480DP - Chlorine 0-6 ppm
  • Model GS-3780DP - Fluoride 0-9 ppm


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