Sulphur Dioxide

Sulphur Dioxide is a toxic, colourless gas with its formula SO2 and smells like a just-struck match. It is released naturally by volcanic gases and is produced as a by-product of copper extraction and the burning of fossil fuels contaminated with sulphur compounds. Large quantities of Sulphur Dioxide are formed in the combustion of sulphur-containing fuels. In the atmosphere it can combine with water vapour to form sulfuric acid, a major component of acid rain.

Most of the Sulphur Dioxide released into the environment comes from electric utilities, especially those that burn coal. Some other sources of Sulphur Dioxide include petroleum refineries, cement manufacturing, paper pulp manufacturing, and metal smelting and processing facilities. Locomotives, large ships, and some non-road diesel equipment currently burn high-sulphur fuel and release Sulphur Dioxide into the air. In nature, volcanic eruptions can release Sulphur Dioxide into the air.


Some dried fruits are preserved using SO2 to prevent discoloration of the fruit. SO2 is also used in bleaching materials and as a fumigant. In homes, Sulphur Dioxide gas can result from tobacco smoke, improperly or inadequately vented gas appliances (such as stoves, ranges, furnaces, or clothes dryers), gas or kerosene heaters, wood or coal stoves, automobile exhaust from attached garages, and malfunctioning chimneys. Other applications are pulp and paper mills, chemical processing and the food and beverage industry.

Protection against Sulphur Dioxide is necessarily

Short-term exposure to high levels of Sulphur Dioxide can be life-threatening. Generally, exposures can cause a burning sensation in the nose and throat. Also, exposure can cause difficulty breathing, including changes in the body's ability to take a breath or breathe deeply, or take in as much air per breath. Long-term exposure to Sulphur Dioxide can cause changes in lung function and aggravate existing heart disease.

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Gas Specifications

  • Gas Name: Sulphur Dioxide
  • Formula: SO2
  • CAS No.: 7446-09-5
  • TWA: 2.0 ppm
  • LEL: Not Explosive
  • Density relative to air: 2.21

Instruments Available