The GDS 10 Single Point Gas Detector

The GDS 10 is a fixed gas sensor that meets the requirements for economic and reliable monitoring of gas levels in a wide range of environments and applications. Initially designed for the monitoring of gases within cabins, enclosures and cabinets the addition of an optional mains supply input expanded its use into conventional areas of gas detection covering boiler plant rooms, gas meter houses, battery charger rooms and many other commercial and light industrial applications.

The GDS 10 has been designed with features that will provide an effective response to the detection and control of gas hazards in a wide range of industrial enviroments from boiler plant rooms, swimming pools, water treatment works, HVAC control systems, manufacturing and process plants.


  • Flammable, Oxygen or Toxic Gases
  • Compact size
  • Single stage alarm
  • Alarm relays
  • Alarm Sounder / LED
  • Digital display
  • Wall or panel mount
  • 4~20mA analogue output

Available Gases

Oxygen O2 0-25 %VOL
Carbon Monoxide CO 0-250 ppm
Hydrogen Sulphide H2S 0-50 ppm
Sulphur Dioxide SO2 0-10 ppm
Nitrogen Dioxide NO2 0-10 ppm
Hydrogen H2 0-2,000 ppm
Chlorine CL2 0-10 ppm
Hydrogen Cyanide HCN 0-25 ppm
Nitrogen Monoxide NO 0-100 ppm
Hydrogen Chloride HCL 0-10 ppm
Ammonia NH3 0-100 ppm
Ozone O3 0-2 ppm
Ethylene Oxide ETO 0-25 ppm
Flammable LEL 0-100 %LEL