The GDS Safe Area Detector

The GDS 30J-P1 is a single gas safe area detector that meets the requirements for economic and reliable monitoring of gas levels in a wide range of environments and applications. The 30J enclosure has been designed to allow quick and easy access to its interior by adjustment of two allen screws, this factor is a major consideration when large system service and calibrations are being carried out.

The detector is robust and weather-proof with improved response times due to the four mounting spacers allowing increased air movement around the detector these spacers also improve the mounting of the unit particularly on circular pillars typically found in carparks.


  • Flammable, Oxygen or Toxic Gases
  • Flexible Output Options
  • Addressable or Stand-Alone
  • Data logging options
  • Optional Relay Outputs
  • Optional Display
  • Robust and Weather Proof
  • Electrochemical, Semiconductor and Infrared option

Available Gases

Oxygen O2 0-25 %VOL
Carbon Monoxide CO 0-250 ppm
Hydrogen Sulphide H2S 0-50 ppm
Sulphur Dioxide SO2 0-10 ppm
Nitrogen Dioxide NO2 0-10 ppm
Hydrogen H2 0-2,000 ppm
Chlorine CL2 0-10 ppm
Hydrogen Cyanide HCN 0-25 ppm
Nitrogen Monoxide NO 0-100 ppm
Hydrogen Chloride HCL 0-10 ppm
Ammonia NH3 0-100 ppm
Ozone O3 0-2 ppm
Ethylene Oxide ETO 0-25 ppm
Flammable LEL 0-100 %LEL