The GDS CC16 Converter Unit

Designed to interface between catalytic sensors (mV output) and 4~20mA signal input devices. Customers requiring to replace conventional 3 wire mV sensor input gas alarm panels or convert their mV sensor system to a 4~20mA analogue output network will find the CC16 a cost effective product.


  • 1~16 plug in cards
  • 24v DC nominal (21-30 volts)
  • Power consumption 3W per channel with sensor
  • Wheatstone bridge 3 wire catalytic Sensors
  • 24V / 4-20mA maximum load 500 ohms
  • Dimensions 313Hmm x 153W x 95D (mm)
  • Cable Entry Bottom / Rear 20mm
  • Operating Temp -10°C to +50°C
  • Enclosure Steel Powder Coated
  • Weight 5Kg