GDS Combi Repeater Panels

It may be required to have a duplicate console sited elsewhere, such as a control room or instrument room. Using the CAN network, 4 core (2 data + 2 supply) cable, a repeater can be connected which gives a user interface identical to the main combi panel with full transfer of functions in both directions.

GDS Combi Repeater Panels is capable of indicating the state of gas measurements or fault conditions. Likewise, dimmable LED's internal and external give additional status information. Many parameters including a text description of the location of a sensor are programmable via user and engineer's menus and retained when power is off. A remote repeater also allows the LCD, LED's and buttons to be located elsewhere on a CAN bus as well as remaining functional on the main panel.


  • CAB Bus communication
  • Dimensions H 265 x W 315 x D50 mm
  • Enclosure Mild steel powder coating
  • DC Power Rating 24VDC / 76mA