The GDS Combisoft - Data Logging Configuration Tool

GDS Technologies CombiSoft is primarily data logging software tool to store readings from a Combi system on an attached Windows based PC.

Used for data acquisition, monitoring and configuration of the Combi addressable gas detection system, CombiSoft is a versatile tool for communicating with the GDS panel from a computer. It allows the user to log unlimited data from all attached sensors on a single Combi system as well as control the system including calibration of sensors. The software is simple to install on a PC with Windows 7 and requires a single cable connection to the Combi panel (USB to serial).

The CombiSoft Viewer is a separate software tool, used to display and analyse previously logged data as well as view live gas readings in graphical format. Two gas levels canbe viewed simultaneously with optional difference displayed. Live view and ‘last hour’live views are available with easy scaling and scrolling of recorded data.


  • Stores readings from Combi on a hard drive
  • Simple to set-up and install with a serial connection
  • Records unlimited readings from up to eighty sensors simultaneously
  • Data can be output to spreadsheets like MS Excel with ease
  • Generates audible and visual alerts of fault and alarm events
  • Full configuration options for sensors and relays
  • Zero and calibration of sensors
  • Ability to inhibit faulty sensors
  • Password protected access levels
  • OS requirements Windows 7, 8 & 10 32 bits