The GDS Snoop Box Mimic Panel

The GDS Snoop Box is a remote display mimic panel which allows reading of gas concentrations away from the main control panel. The Snoop Box communicates via RS485 towards the main controller, this allows reading all concentrations, alarms and statuses remotely.

Any number of SNOOP units may be attached to the network at any point using a 4-core cable and offers four analogue 4~20mA outputs each of which may be driven by any number of the 32 sensors providing a peak reading output.

Four relays are available which may be zoned/voted each relay having a selected sensor grouping of any number of sensors. The number of alarms required to switch the alarm relay in any of the four groups is selectable between 1 and 4.


  • Total of 32 detectors readable
  • Powered via 2 twisted pair
  • Four Internal Relays
  • Four 4-20mA Analogue Outputs
  • Peak Reading for any number of Sensors
  • LED Status indicators
  • Dimensions 200W x 120H x 60D