The GDS Status Alarm Indicator

The Status Indicator is a remote module lending itself to a wide variety of warning and alarm applications. The module provides three user selectable levels of alarm, each having varying audible tones with ‘text selectable’ illuminated window indications.

The sounder may be muted at any time with the flashing LED indicators going constant but remaining lit until the alarm condition has cleared. Three relays are available for further repeater or control actions, these relays may be selected to reset with the sounder or remain on with the indicators.


  • Long Life LED’s
  • Green – Safe Condition
  • Red – Hazardous Condition
  • Remote reset terminals
  • Selectable window text
  • Permanent sounder mute
  • Latched alarm until reset
  • Cable entry – Top/Bottom/Sides/Rear
  • Power 12-28vDC


  • Power Supply 10-30VDC, 24V nominal
  • Optional 115/230v AC (Deep box - D)
  • Power - Full alarm 120mA @24VDC
  • Quiescent - 10mA
  • 4 inputs - 3 alarms and 1 fault
  • Internal Audible Alarm 87dB, Mutable or permanent isolate option
  • 3 Relay Outputs, SPCO 3A/230VAC