The HMX Mercury Detector, for Mercury Monitoring and Detection

The Noventis HMX Mercury monitor has changed the way companies approach the monitoring of mercury. The monitor measures total gaseous mercury from extremely low concentrations to high concentrations of Hg, all with an excellent response time. It is used in laboratory or can be installed at places where mercury has to be monitored. It is a great instrument for plenty of different fields of applications in scientific research or the industrial sector.

The HMX Mercury monitor is available in both fixed and portable version, operates on any voltage between 7 and 24VDC as well as a battery pack. The Noventis HMX Mercury Monitor can be used as a single sampling point or extended with a special multiplexer, adding up to eight sampling points. With optional connection to a PC, the instrument allows for live data logging or downloads the logging file from its internal memory.

The ability to view even the smallest amounts of Mercury (up to (0.2 μg/m3), makes the MHX suitable for almost every application.


  • Economical Option
  • UV Absorption at 254 nm
  • Suitable for continuous mercury monitoring
  • No sensitivity for water vapour
  • Quick response time
  • Single or multipoint measuring systems
  • Analogue or digital output option
  • Monitoring of exposure to individuals in workplace
  • Infrared Sensor - Low Maintenance


  • Work place mercury monitoring
  • Research and science
  • Emissions monitoring
  • Investigation of contaminated sites
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Hazardous waste inspection