The Cellarwarn CO2 Gas Detector

The Cellarwarn is a gas monitor designed to detect the presence of Carbon Dioxide in ambient air to protect people in confined spaces. The monitor has an audible alarm and visual indication which activates when the CO2 concentration reaches 1.5% and 3% Volume.

The CO2 Cellarwarn Gas Detector can be connected to up to 3 remote display units which clearly indicate the ambient CO2 levels on large digital LCDs. This enables operators to monitor CO2 levels without entering the room. The ability to view even the smallest increase in CO2 levels alerts the operator that there is a leak, and can be actioned before a major leak or potential health risk occurs.

With thousands supplied and in use throughout venues across the country, the CO2 Cellarwarm Monitor is ideal for hospitality venues that require CO2 for their beverage service, to not only comply with current Australian Standards, but take cellar and cool room safety to the next level.


  • Economical Option
  • Up to three Remote Display can be connected
  • In compliance with AS5034-2005
  • Internal Relay for auxiliary equipment
  • Inclusive Labels
  • Infrared Sensor - Low Maintenance