The GDS 4 Channel Gas Detection Controller

The GDS 404 is a four channel alarm unit meeting the requirements for economic and reliable monitoring of gas levels, monitoring in any type of environment from commercial premises through to heavy industrial and hazardous area applications.

The GDS 404 has been designed with features that provide an effective response to the detection of gas hazards in a wide range of environments, from commercial premises through to heavy industrial applications requiring hazardous area sensing. Typical monitor locations are public buildings, boiler plant rooms, swimming pools, water treatment works, H&V control systems, manufacturing and processing plants.


  • Versatile System Configuration
  • Suitable for Flammable, Oxygen, Refrigerant and Toxic Gases
  • For 1 to 4 sensors (mV signal or 4~20 mA inputs)
  • Two Alarm Stages
  • Selectable Alarm Relays per Channel
  • Analogue 4-20mA Output per Channel
  • Delay to Alarm - Optional
  • Internal Battery Backup - Optional


  • Up to Sensor points
  • Suitable for Infra-red, Electrochemical, Catalytic, Semiconductor, PID
  • For 1 to 4 sensors
  • 230/115v AC or 24v DC and specials
  • 12 watts - full alarm
  • Indication for system ok, alarm and fault
  • System test facility
  • Alarm Relay Inhibit