The Bionics TX-FN Gas Detector

Bionics offers simple, compact yet complete toxic gas detecting systems with the TX-F/E/D transmitter series. The Bionics toxic gas sensors, to be used in combination with the TX-F/E/D gas transmitters, are gas-specific, stable and available for a wide range of different gases.

Since the sensors are refreshed periodically by replacing the electrolyte and membranes, the running cost is kept low compared to sensors which require frequent replacement. On some sites, Bionics Instrument gas detectors still work flawlessly after ten years of operation. That makes them unsurpassed in cost-effectiveness.

Bionics Instrument is particularly strong in the detection of special gases such as CL2, HF, HCL, HCN, VC, AN and many other gases. As a result, the chemical industry can welcome new, even better gas detectors. In the long run, customers are better off with Bionics Instrument gas detectors - and the sound service and support that comes with them.


  • Renewable Sensors for Low-cost Operation
  • Large Variety of Gases
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Remote Sensor Options
  • Analogue, Digital Displays Available
  • Local Display
  • Low Maintenance Costs

Models Available

  • TX-FH   - Remote Sensor, Analogue Display
  • TX-FHD - Remote Sensor, Digital Display
  • TX-FHN - Remote Sensor, No Display
  • TX-FM   - Onboard Refillable Sensor, Analogue Display
  • TX-FMD - Onboard Refillable Sensor, Digital Display
  • TX-FN   - Onboard Refillable Sensor, No Display
  • TX-DPA - Onboard Quick Connect Sensor, Analogue Display
  • TX-DPD - Onboard Quick Connect Sensor, Digital Display
  • TX-DPN - Onboard Quick Connect, No Display
  • TX-EPA - Onboard Disposable Sensor, Analogue Display
  • TX-EPD - Onboard Disposable Sensor, Digital Display
  • TX-EPN - Onboard Disposable Sensor, No Display


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