The Bionics TX-1100-FK Oxygen Detector

Bionics Instrument is famous for the innovations it introduces in its gas monitoring systems. One of their best known products is the TX-1100FK Oxygen deficiency detector. Where standard Oxygen sensors require replacement every 18-24 month, the Bionics TX-1100FK can last for approx 5 years in normal operation conditions.

The Bionics TX-1100 Oxygen gas detector is based on a high temperature zirconia oxide (ZrO2) sensor. It is an electrochemical galvanic cell comprising of two electrically conducting, chemically inert, electrodes attached to either side of a solid electrolyte tube. Zirconium oxide is typically heated to between +600°C and +700°C, allowing oxygen ions to pass through it from a higher concentration to a lower concentration. The movement of ions produces an electromotive force which is used to determine the oxygen concentration. The greater the differential of oxygen on either side, the higher the voltage produced, allowing measurements from 100% to less than one part per million


The only restriction on the instrument’s usage is that the gas to be measured must not contain any combustible gases or any material that will poison the zirconium oxide detection cell. Any combustible hydrocarbons such as methane entering the instruments high temperature zirconia oxide cell will combine with the oxygen which has an effect on the temperate the cell is kept. This will reduce the amount of oxygen in the sample gas and cause the instrument to give an incorrect lower reading. Other gas or gas mixtures containing any of the below are also not suitable for oxygen detection with a zirconia type oxygen analyser.

Do not use the detector in combination with:

  • Hydrocarbons such as methane and hydrogen
  • Halogens e.g. Chlorine
  • Sulphur containing compounds such as Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Lead containing compounds such as Lead Sulphide


  • No Maintenance Zirconium Cell
  • Measuring Oxygen 0-25%
  • No calibration required
  • No drift to Environmental or Temperature Changes
  • 5 + year Sensor life
  • Local Display
  • 4~20mA Analogue Output


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