The GDS CAN Status Alarm Indicator

The CAN Status Indicator may be used as a remote indicator warning panel, providing visual and audible alarms or by menu selection, used as a repeater unit giving details of individual sensor readings and alarms from the selected sensor group.

The audible sounder may be muted at any time with the visual alarm indicator remaining on until the alarm condition has cleared. An optional internal relay can also be provided to further extend the functionality of the alarm indicator.


  • Operates directly with sensors or the Combi, Defender, GDS101 systems
  • Continuous sensor status monitoring
  • Two modes of operation – indicator/repeater
  • 1-15 Panels / System
  • Traffic light display
  • Simple network connection and setup


  • 4 wire addressable CANbus – Combi system
  • Four relays – A1, A2, A3, Fault
  • Latched or unlatched N/E - N/D
  • Sounder Output 68dBs
  • Mutable or permanent isolate option
  • Manual test – indicators, sounder & relays
  • Power 24VDC