Calibration Gas

Noventis sells an impressive range of calibration gas, medical and specialty gases. We have the ability to provide a wide range of calibration gas mixtures such as ultra-high purity nitrogen, as well as complex four gas mixtures and highly reactive gas mixtures against very competitive rates. Custom calibration gas mixtures are manufactured using state of the art gravimetric and volumetric tools, scales and highly sensitive instrumentation. Several cylinder sizes are also available to meet your specific content requirements.

Precise manufacturing of calibration gas mixtures involves many critical steps; each step of the manufacturing process must be constantly measured and validated. At Noventis, every product goes through several defined stages during the manufacturing process. From raw material analysis through final mixture certification, results are measured, recorded, and then compared to strict quality control requirements based on each individual mixture. Requested specialty gas mixes are evaluated for potential phase problems using an advanced computer modelling program.

All calibration weights are traceable to NPL(UK) or US-NIST. Finally, the specialty gas mixture is analysed using state-of-the-art analysers to confirm that the blended and analysed values agree with each other according to the stated product specifications. Typical uncertainty is +/- 1%.

Product Catalogue

Calibration Gas Cylinders

Small portable and disposable non-refillable cylinders offer a cost-effective alternative for low-volume applications such as found in Industrial Hygiene and Laboratory instrument gas calibration. In order to guarantee the accuracy of these calibration gas mixtures, we follow the same NPL(UK) or US-NIST traceable procedures. Smaller disposable cylinders are available for many gas mixtures, when a smaller volume of gas is required. Whether it is a single gas or a complex blend, specialty mixtures can be produced in a range of sizes from 34 litres to 112 litres. Whilst most reactive gases are placed into an aluminium cylinder, non-reactive gases can be placed in a steel cylinder.

Our standard Cylinder sizes are:

  • 34 Liter Gas Cylinder- Aluminum Alloy Disposable
  • 65 Liter Gas Cylinder- Aluminum Alloy Disposable
  • 103 Liter Gas Cylinder- Steel Disposable
  • 112 Liter Gas Cylinder- Aluminum Alloy Disposable

Aluminium non-refillable cylinders can be used for all gas types including corrosive gases such as CL2, H2S, HCN, HCL, NH3, NO, NO2, SO2, refrigerants and many others. Steel non-refillable cylinder are available for non-corrosive gas mixtures such as hydrocarbons, CO, CO2, N2, O2 and many others whether it is a single gas or a complex blend. This cylinder is the best choice for non-corrosive mixtures as it provides the lowest cost per litre of all non-refillable cylinders. The valve is consistent with all aluminium cylinders using the same regulator types with C10 connections.