CSIRO National Collections Building

CSIRO serves as the custodian for a diverse range of animal, insect, and plant specimen collections. These collections play a significant role in enhancing our understanding of biodiversity and driving conservation innovations for the betterment of society. Currently, these collections are distributed across various facilities in Canberra and the Black Mountain Science and Innovation Park.

The upcoming National Collections Building will consolidate these individual collections, providing dedicated spaces for storage, research, and collaboration. By bringing these resources together, we aim to foster innovation and encourage partnerships for new discoveries in this functional precinct setting.

Noventis has installed a gas detection system which proactively detects and responds to any potential gas leaks or hazards, enhancing the safety of the facilities and operations. The system is designed to not only to detect any potential gas emissions, also functions a spill alarm for each of the labs. Due to the use of ethanol in some of the rooms, the detection system is suitable for hazardous area as per AS60079.14.


  • Customer: CSIRO Manufacturing
  • Mechanical: Fredon
  • Design, Supply & Commissioning
  • Special Conditions: PC2 GMP Facility
  • Budget $$$
  • To be completed 2024