Paula Fox Melanoma and Cancer Centre at The Alfred

The new Paula Fox Melanoma and Cancer Centre at The Alfred will see leading skin cancer specialists and dedicated multi-disciplinary teams working together under one roof, enabling skin cancer patients to access their care in one purpose-built centre.

The new building will provide a dedicated specialist facility for patients with all stages of melanoma. The clinical care and research areas will be co-located within one purpose-designed facility, creating the opportunity for research driven by patient needs.

Noventis responsibility was to provide a state-of-the-art gas detection system which protects staff against the risks associated with the dangers of Oxygen depletion, asphyxiation and toxic gas concentrations. The systems consist out of several interlinked control panels, measuring oxygen and carbon dioxide gas concentrations. It also controls the gas solenoids and E-stops, further enhancing the safety of its facilities and operations. The system is connected via HLI to the building management system.


  • Customer: Alfred Health
  • Builder: Kane
  • Turn-Key Project
  • Special Conditions: PC2 Laboratories
  • Budget $$$
  • Completed March 2024